Mike Will Made It & LeBron James Nike Ad | Training Day

Nike spearheads LeBron’s new ad,Training Day, commemorating his 11th season in the NBA, which features a preview of Mike Will Made It’s track with John Legend titled, “My Shoes”


Kanye West Slams Media During “Yeezus Tour” in Oakland

Kayne West begins by addressing the crowd inside the Oracle Arena with an assumption of shared resentment for the media.

“But obviously don’t none of ya’ll give a fuck about what the media say,” he said. “We are more powerful than the media today. I control the media. I get on TV shows and do what the fuck I want, when I want, how I want, my way. And I don’t change, no way. No way. And I don’t give a fuck about no TV show, and I don’t give a fuck about no actor, and I don’t give a fuck about no blog trying to talk shit. All I care about is God. And all I care about is you.”